How to sail

Has anyone got any links to “how to sail model yachts” type sites? Tactics, boat handling that sort of stuff. How to get to the next mark first stuff.

I found these a few years ago, most seem to still be online.

OMG hew, what boat load of reading material…

Oh sorry Hew, I was so overwhelmed by the amount of reading that I forgot to thank you. Thank you! I’m in the process of copying them into a word file. Then I’m going to go through and delete non model boat stuff. (Spinnakers, weight shifting, that kind of stuff) It should be good.
Thanks again

Even better (or just more overwhelming) you can go to the Sailing Breezes website, search on that website under Dellenbaugh, and get access to 137 (at this time) articles with the titles listed. to go to that site.