How to log into the forum

I have received several e-mails over the last month or so from people having trouble logging into the form. So I have created this simple tutorial that should help people out.

If you use this method, and you are still having problems, please post on this thread and the moderation staff, will try and help you out.

Step 1:
Make sure your “favorites link” or bookmark (depending on what browser you are using) for the forum is the following.

Step 2:
When you come to the forum, and you have either deleted your cookies, or have declined to have the forum remember you, you should get the following page.

Step 3:
Enter your username and password, and select remember me. If you don’t select remember me, you will have to re-enter your username and password each time you visit the forum.

Step 4:
After clicking “log in” you should momentarily see the following page. While this page is up, the forum is querying the forum data base, and verifying your user credentials, and privileges. The forum is also creating the necessary cookies that you need to browse the forum. If you have cookies turned of, or are blocking them from the forum, you will most likely experience funky behavior while surfing the forum. If you are blocking all cookies, you need to have the forum white listed in order for it to work properly.

Step 5:
After the forum has performed the necessary behind the scene tasks, you will be taken to the following page. If you selected “remember me” you will automatically be taken to this page when you visit the forum.

Dan - as noted in the email sent to you earlier - the forum recognizes my sign-in,shows me as being on line, but presents me with either a white screen immediately - or - if I click on a discussion I get the white screen.

Also, if I come in from the home page (just “”) - selecting any of the current/recent topics presents me wiith a lot of symbols - like opening a PDF document using MS Word as example.

Quirky to say the least. :wink:


Can you save the white page or the symbols page as an .html doc, and post it so I can take a look at it?

[FONT=Arial]You can save a page as .html by going to file > save as and choosing type "html [/FONT]

You are using IE and it should be corrected very soon. It is the service having issues when then installed a new program on the server. It will be resolved asap.



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