How to get started?

I have never built a rc-sailingboat before, but I want to do it now.
As I am disabled myself, I do not like the idea of boats which can sink.
I prefer them to flip over, if this can happen at all.
I would like to know what the best way is, to prevent that for a trimaran.
Would you please be so kind, to help a newcomer?

Do you have a place to work so you can build a boat? This website is all about sailboats, but there are others, like electric powerboats, tugs, etc, that might interest you. Sailboats don’t flip over like powerboats can, so it’s a more predictable sport in that way.

If you would like to build a boat, I’d suggest a Footy class boat to start. You can get plans and build it from scratch, or buy a kit with parts prepared for you, or even a totally finished boat.

Where are you located?

Welcome to the sport/hobby.

I have been building historic sailingships for a very long time.
If you consider 40 years a long time.

Like the “Golden Hind” of Sir Francis Drake, which is more than five feet long.
I do not like small scales as well a small models - and I want to build something enough different now, if you know what I mean.
My working area is big enough for everything I´m interested in.

So my choice is a modern trimaran of the existing Mini40 class.

I´m looking for specific advice in this topic, not unspecific suggestions.

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