Ok all the experts out there.
we have to find a way to fix this board. Does anybody have any suggestions. post them here and maybe chad can come here a read them. nobody will argue with it. they may not like it. but it is everybody right to post a reply. and say whatever they want to. BUT make it postive. find a way deep in your heart to fix this. and continue to pass along good information. EVEN i had to learn to respect dennis (icant believe i say this) Conner. so come on people. I dare you to help chad and come up with way to fix this thing.

I believe that some people may need to be banned, if you look at windpower none of the stuff that happens here, happens there. I think this is very sad because, most newbie?s find this forum first and get turned of by all the comments and bickering that goes on here.

Chad what is your opinion on how to fix the forum?


Chad -

I would support the following:

  1. Notice to offender with “probation” for several weeks
  2. Banned for 30 days
  3. Then banned permanently

PS - Also - I’ve written you emails, sent personal messages, and used the notice to moderator, and for whatever the reason, you haven’t bothered to send a reply, voice your views, etc. I find this to be somewhat disturbing, since precidence has already been set by allowing the recent issues to be ignored. If in fact, this is turning into an “Anarchy” site (heck - even they have rules) just post where the “foul line” is so we don’t happen to step over. Right now, by your lack of attention or comment, it appears “Anything Goes!” - which I don’t believe is true or desired by any of us.

It isn’t going to clean up by itself - so comment, observations and opinions (AND DIRECTION) from you is needed.

Chad, I support the following;

  1. Public Notice to offenders with “probation” for several weeks.
  2. Banned for 30 days.
  3. Then banned permanently.

Something HAS to be done and soon.

We need moderators for all areas, excluding this one. It’s not fair to put it all on chad. Any takers? The areas I moderate are the quiet ones, I’ve only edited one post so far. I’d be happy to moderate ‘New Classes’ as well, as most of the posts (excluding the content of one thread) are constructive and it should stay that way. Someone would have to be brave to take on the General Discussions area though…I dont like the fact someone has to, but it needs to be done.

Luff 'em & leave 'em.

I think the personal attacks have to stop including in the Pub-I don’t think it is right and I think if you look at it you can narrow it down to just a few people who consistently make those sorts of comments. I believe that if someone is so limited as to not be able to discuss issues without snide comments, half truths and inuendo they should not be here.
I definitely don’t think that someone who RESPONDS to a personal attack shoud be considered in the same category as one who MAKES a personal attack. The choice is how should one respond?
If Dan posted something about you like he did about me how would you respond? It occurred to me to post a lot of different comments and to start a new section within the Pub specifically to deal with the asinine comments made by Dan and some in his “defense”.But I have largely stayed out of it. The idea that individulas such as Dan and Greg Vasilev could go into my personal file remove information and publish it without my permission incences me!!!
I made a mistake when I responded to a direct personal attack by Dan useing the boards e-mail facility; I have apologized to Chad for the hassle.
I apologize to the vast majority of those on this board who just want to sail for the absurd level the personal antagonism between myself Roy Langbord, Dick Lemke and Greg Vasilev has gone!
But the personal attacks must end and I think the whole board should be moderated including the Pub to prevent on-going abuse by some of the aforementioned individuals.

Doug Lord
–High Technology Sailing/Racing


As an adult you should realize that saying I?m sorry doesn?t always cut it. I mean if someone walks up and assaults you, are you just going to let them say I?m sorry and walk away; No your going to take it up with the proper authorities.

As for the Hacking accusation I have explained that here.

If you continue to make this false accusation, I may be forced to consider some form of serious legal action.

There are slander laws in this country.


dan make a suggestion on how to fix this. we all know about personal attack. and i think even doug LORD will admit that it has to stop both on his part and ours. i was hoping people would read this and bring foth new ideas, but so far it sounds like we need a school teacher in here. and I personaly do not think that chad should do this. it is our mess and i think we should clean it up ourselves. i have talked with greg and listen to dick lemke. and watched doug lord. there is a with hunt going on. do i think it is a good thing. of course not. i think we need mods. for the other forums. but not for the pub here. this is where we brag to impress the ladies.(kylie). and anything that is said here should stay here