How to decorate yours hulls

How to use Rice paper !

I was very interested on the Hew565 intervention about decorations.

Within the new IACC120 Class , the decoration is part of the Rules Requirements.
Few operators are proposing adhesive stickers printed on vinyl based supports. These decorations are mounted on the external surface of the Hull. It is my opinion that these applications will not last very long unless protected with additional transparent paints.
Further the exsternal surface will be disturbed by the irregular thickness, introducing roughness disturbances.
The aerograph work requires talent and skill and again the roughness may be disturbed.

The tecnique I will illustrate will open a variety of personal decoration without introducing significant roughness disturbance since the extremely light support is inserted as a sandwich between two layers of glass.

My experiment assume that the basic color of the hull is : White or neutral like glass epoxy. Carbon surfaces are not providing so far good results.

The idea suggested by Hew565, needed to be experimented, since this tecnique is already used to decorate surfboards.

I went in various shops, here in Nice, to search Rice Paper, and finally I managed to find a product that is very close to a sigarette paper. They called ‘repair paper’ used to restore hold books, etc…I ignore entirely the subject ! Anyhow I bought a sheet.
Very delicate and to allow transfer of image, I start fixing with tape a sample on a normal A4 paper and than using a normal Ink jet printer.

The following ‘posts’ will illustrate the work sequence I used.


1st part :

My screen with the Dragon drawing prepared for the China Team boat.
Only part of this image will be printed for test purpose, see square contour .

the printing results

All what I used : 1 layer of 162g/m² glass and 2 layers of 50g/m² glass to simulate a possible hull material

I started by impregnating the 162g/m² glass with epoxy resin

Introducing between the glass layers the printed paper


2nd part :

continuing impregnation:

My daily press ! Before adding some weight, I covered the glass/epoxy with a piece of plastic sheet and a polyane film (garbage bag) to avoid adhesion problems !

This morning after 12h

removal of the above mentioned plastic sheet used to obtain a shiny/glossy surface

This is the result !


3rd part : the last

against a white sheet

just to compare for contrast

with backlight

The effects of plastic sheet to obtain a glossy surface

Just another back support - kevlar on balsa

End of story.

Remark : the use of a ‘crystal clear’ epoxy resin would have presented a more transparent results

Any comments ?


Absolutly Genius!

That is a very wonderful idea Claudio.

Thank you Nigel,

but the idea is not mine, is suggested by Hew565 during the discussion on the AC33 (new classes) where I used a cotton fabric.
I learn that this tecnique is used to decorate the surfs.
I went searching the rice paper since. I found it yesterday, that’s all.
Hooping that some one would profit of the idea to create his hown decos