How To Build A Razor Footy

On my second hull build, this one a bit different. The attempt is to make a hull in a hour or two, quick and easy. With no jigs. I have build hulls in this manner before. A new hull was build last night and photos taken showing assembly my way.
If you have built wood model boats before you’ll get the gist of it with out build instructions. I will do web page with construction how-to when I get further along. At least you’ll get an idea in the mean time.

Frames were added to make side assemby quick and easy and to hold hull sides in position for decking. I am leaving the front frame in place as well as the rear for bouyancy compartments. Center frame will be removed (cut back).

As I get time more pictures will be posted.


I know you say that you didn’t use any jigs, but do you perhaps have the shapes of the inner bulkheads?

Thanks Roadtoad,

I made my footy on the same principle as the razor, but my build was not as neat. No bulkheads until after the hull was together.

This lead to bits of tape that were CA’ed in place and hard to remove also a lot of time spent making sure that I had no twist in my hull before the final gluing.

I really like the way you made yours and also the sheer and chine pieces. I used fiberglass there and it was actually harder than if I had used wood.

Nice to see how someone with experience does a build.


Hi Roadtoad

Is the link still active? I get an error, page not found.
Any chance you can put the link right? I would be interested to see how you built it.


I deleted the photo album as I needed the web space. It was a rather large photo album about 100 pix.
I will reload the album back up tonight.

I just edited the orig. post and inserted the new link to the build.
I will duplicate the link here:

A very neat and precise build by the look of it. Thanks for that, these pictures show me what i should be aiming for when i build my next footy!