How to Build a Cheap Cat w/Free Plans

hi there all you multi taskers… lol
been a post made for a beginer to try and build a cat, or a tri.
can anybody post a link to a free plan. then maybe talk us “single minded” poeple though the process of building one. I started the sail talk. and it was a good one. with alot of people adding some good information. maybe we could do the same here.

do we build with faom? or balsa? should we use epoxy resin or poly?

ok people i did the first step. know now you follow. what shoudl we do next?
Dick is ghost train still available?

Courtesy of Alan Hayes (New Zealand) :

Scroll down to “plans” section and download the “Plans” and the “SailPlan”

You will need to have CAD software to open and a wide format printer to print - since sheet size is about 3 foot x 5 foot for full size line drawings.

I think I posted a 3 sheet set of hull templates for a 1 Meter trimaran in the MultiONE section of forum which was designed for foam hot-wire and assembly.