How the development of "Nightmare Mk.VII+Mk.VIII" leaded to "Mk.IX+ Mk.X"!

After a boatbuilding break of 18 months without mixing any epoxy resin,
recovering from at least one of my physical disabilities -
and delegating the production of the “Mini40 Trimaran Nightmare MkVIII”
into the well trained and relayable hands of Phanchita (Siri) in Thailand -

I have found enough inner peace to sit down at the drawing board agaiin,
sort out my thoughts, do some (many) calculations, buy some styrodur blocks -
and start shaping again:

Past, Present and Future?
Quote: “Where do you want to go today?”

Hi Ernst,
I already thought something happened to you because you disappeared for several months. Your slim foam core looks cool. Do you want me to build the prototype or are you going to build it yourself this time?

Happy New year from

It´s been a long time since I posted here.