How stupid can you be?

Hi,you sailors,

Took a few hours off this afternoon to go sailing my Voyager, ponds iced up, light winds, I went to the lake, on the windward shore.

Having tacked out of the harbour, some ten meters out in the lake, the servo’s go mad, run to the max position and stall, sails out, rudder at max, so no sailing at all, just slowly drifting towards the shipping lane some two hundred meters away…

As usual in winter, there’s not a rowboat or dingy in sight, so swimming seems the only option, it’s maybe 25 meters out.
Nah, drowning of hypothermia is not my thing.

No cellphone, and the town is ten minutes by car.
I raced back and went to the police, the wet division, who had just returned from their round (motor still warm), but didn’t go out anymore today, because of a meeting.

In that meeting was an member of the provincial waterways service, they had a boat ready (but on the other shore), and after the meeting, he’d drive up to it, take the boat out and search for my boat.
I’d better go back with binoculars and keep an eye on the boat, he’d be about an hour.

I raced back to the lake, just in time to see my boat on the edge of the shipping lane, with a freighter coming its way…

Nice, now I could watch my boat getting run over.

Fortunataly the wind shifted and the boat started drifting the other way, now hardly visible with the naked eye, some five hundered meters away.

After an hour on the jetty, I saw the patrol boat coming from the other side of the lake, spotting my boat, meanwhile halfway across the lake, picking it up and delivering it back to me, no cost involved!

How’s that for public service?

Regards, Jan.

(Who really should check his receiverpack before lauch…)

Boaters are nice people.

(… and sail of the leeward shore next time )

Great story. I’m pleased it had a happy ending.


Sorry, got my terminology mixed up (dutch…), it was the leeward shore when I started out, but due to the strange setting of the rudder and sails, she wandered onto the lake anyway…

Regards, Jan.

Boaters are nice people.

ouch…all ends well!

Dont you check your batt. on ur “fast” boats? [;)]

Well…heres another one…happend in December…

I went sailing…but was too lazy to go to the usual place…so I decided to go to a closer one!
(that was my first mistake)
So there I am…a beautiful place…all alone, well some ducks…BUT they were FAR away…the sight was beautiful!..then something caught my eyes…the waterlevel wasnt as it was some time ago…who cares? (my 2nd mistake)…sure you can imagine the rest of the story.

YES, the boat was stuck at about 10meters from the shore!!!..water was , well it looked f#"$% COLD…no way, I ll go for a swim…oops forgot…usualy I always have a rescue boat…refer to number 1…too lazy on that day…mistake #3

tried lots of things…I even tried with my pants…NO COMMENT!!..well I was becoming freezed…Yeah I know I am kinda cool…but that was overkill!!!

After 2 hours…and yes, I didnt have my mobile to eventually call my wife to bring another boat! another mistake…geez so many on that day.

Well, then, and I have no idea why or how!!! the boat just…sailed away!!! MY RELIEF…

Boat came back…hurried back home…!

Happy End…of course was sick in bed for a few days…a guy with underwear in mid-December trying to get a boat back…bad idea!



_/ if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! _

I have made that swim! It was COLD… and muddy… and probably enough broken beer bottles underneath at any given time to clog a small stream… after that… I bought an inflatable one man boat with a footpump.

I had to use it one time years later… and found out the footpump… while considerably warmer… and dryer… was more work than swimming… therefore I upgraded to a DC powered compressor that will also fill up my tires… just plug it into the cig.lighter and it hums away. So, the paddle is collapse-able, the boat folds up to about the size of a loaf of bread (put the vacuum pump on it here in the shop and man does it shrink it up) and now I fear large bodies of water no more.[:D]

Glad you got your boat back… you had me worried.

<blockquote id=“quote”><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Arial, Helvetica” id=“quote”>quote:<hr height=“1” noshade id=“quote”>Originally posted by wismerhell

ouch…all ends well!

Dont you check your batt. on ur “fast” boats? [;)]
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No, I don’t, as all my fast boats have BEC, and are run fresh off the charger.

The much, much longer “runtime” when sailing is bound to catch out me a few times more in future, knowing me.
I’m thinking of soldering a Kingsize receiverpack from last season’s GP3300, that should last long enough, if I remember to keep it charged…

Regards, Jan.

Boaters are nice people.