How Many Are Really Out There?

In the past few weeks, I have identified a few F-48/Mini40 builds that are in some form or another, taking place here in the US.

Not sure if I should get excited about it yet - or not, but thought this thread might encourage others sitting on the fence to possibly jump down and try a build.

We have Clyde Jones with a boat in Ohio (as I recall)
Mitch (Mahoo) in Georgetown Texas is getting ready to melt some foam soon.
There is a boat build going on in Illinois
I have pulled out my old F-48 and resumed work on it
A co-worker (Scott) is in progress building GHOST TRAIN
Another co-worker, (Pat) is trying to decide on FREIGHT TRAIN or GHOST TRAIN for his winter build.
I have invited two landyacht guys (Tony & Bill) to consider a multihull build
There is a 1 Meter out in Washington (Jack’s boat) built on PULSE plans
I have my 1 Meter multihull IMPULSE ready to go
I also have my “Economaran” (F-48 size) cat hulls in a build process.

That’s eleven boats if all actually complete a build.

Not sure how many (if any) Microsail has built/sold
Not sure of how many “quiet” builds are taking place by folks that “lurk” and read the forums, and are building but not advertising the fact.

I believe there is a 1 Meter in Tulsa Oklahoma area
Possibly an F-48 in Florida (east side of state)
At least one, maybe more in Kansas

Any others actually doing one?

Would be great if you weigh in so that if there are sailors in your area that are interested, they could get in contact with you.

If we had enough and a commitment, a mid-west location for a regatta (or meeting) would be fun - possibly for late summer next year? We could race both sizes together and break out scoring based on size for final standings.

Please let us know and add yourself to the list. Thanks.