How is it done?

I read a number of the topic in this section, but I didn’t see the answers I was looking for.

The schemes on the IACC style hulls, but how are those done? Is it painted by hand, or do you take a photo from somewhere and have a decal made up at a vinyl shop? How do the designs get onto the sails, hand cut vinyl?

The goal would be to build an IACC themed /rg65 boat, so is there anything you’d do different for the smaller hull & sails?

Gidday Tomohawk,

Here is my two cents worth, as you’ll see combination of rattle can painting and vinyl cut graphics with permanent ink pen tracing on sails, it was the cheapest way I could find:

Had quotes of up to 350 Euro for professional painting & screen printing of sails etc … which was the rough price to scratch build the entire boat !:scared:

Cheers Alan