How goes the building?

Just thought I’d see where everyone is with the Footy production. I’ve got a total of three built, with three more on the work bench. I’ve got two of mine registered, and have been issued sail numbers 4 & 5 from the Open class administrator. I thought we’d be closer to having our own class by this time?

Has there been a Footy, free giveaway plan produced?
I would like to provide a basic PLAN to the fellows in my club to get their enthusiasm fired up to build one.
Would it not be a good thing to have a FREE PLAN on the class website to encourage school woodwork classes or indeed anyone without the skill to design their own, to try building their first FOOTY.
As we all know after the first one you are hooked and can`t wait to build your next hull which will be lighter, faster, stronger and a lot easier to sail.

I know Brett has a drawing of his Bobabout design available on his website but that is really just a teaser to help sell his plans.(fair enough too.)
I must make it clear that I have the greatest admiration for the time and effort the Brett has put in to this class and wish him well in his endevours. I am not trying to sink his business but perhaps getting more out there may even help his sales of plans to those who want to take the next step.

I make hardly a bean out of hulls/kits or plans.
You really think anyone would make an hourly rate making stuff like this at those prices?
The plans here are no teaser…you can download them and build the boat…dozens of builders have done so.
I would welcome more plans for this class on the net.
Ive thought of offering some more but then you get bogged down answering questions about the plans and boat.
Take the question yesterday on the Bobabout bulb weight.
Everything I said in my response is actually written on the plan.Not that I mind helping,but sometimes even offering free stuff creates a rod for your back.
My only agenda here is helping the class grow…theres no money to be made I can assure you of that:)

The following personal view is aimed at no-one in particular …

I concur Brett - and have noticed the same thing.

There seem to be two identified types of individuals who have shortcomings - those who “say” they want to build, but even with free plans - don’t … and those who want to build but then complain about minimal plan costs of $13-$18 (US) when a completed boat could have a value as high as $1800 (US) or more.

Neither can ever be satisfied.

Hi guys,

This talk of free plans is, as it turns out, timely.

Brett’s plan has been available for some time, and it remains a good boat for most beginning builders, designed by one of the best IOM guys around. The only trouble people seem to have is converting it to full size on their printers. I think that should be within the capabilities of most who are intersted in a “net-available” plan. A bit of trial and error gets it done.

For those who want something simpler, I’m pre-announcing Roger Stollery’s plan for BUG. He sent me a copy of the preliminary drawing last week. It’s a simple chine design he created for a school program, and he said he built the first hull in a couple of hours. He’s given me permission to publish it here, but asked me to wait a bit until he is happy with it based on a couple of boats. Roger’s designs are legendary in M class, so stay tuned.

I’ve also made my hull drawings available for Halfpint and MiniMe, for more ambitious builders who want to plank a hull using balsa, or make a plug and mold. The bad news is that they are done in Hullform, and you need the program to be able to read them. The good news is that it’s available for free…and even Brett learned how to use it. If anyone out there is capable of converting my Hullform files to PDFs or something, please do it and publish them here. You have my full permission.

Anyone else have plans we could make available here? I’ll start a new Footy Plans thread so anyone can contribute.

Bill H

Dick, I take your personal view onboard without predudice and can probably plead guilty to being both of your “types”.
I can however be satisfied.
As I have admitted before, I am my own worst enemy.
I am one of those types who wants to build everything, starts full of enthusiasm and then gets nothing finished.
My solution to that fault is to purchase a boat complete, from a builder who has the skill and knowledge to do it properly.
Not a cheap solution but I get a great boat to compete with. I am not a bad sailor( on a good day) with a compeditive boat.

I was trying really hard not to appear to be getting at Brett with my post.
( That didnt work did it?) I would like to supply a free plan to our club members. If I should buy a copy of Bretts plan then I would have the licence to build one boat from that plan. No problem with that. I would not feel at ease publishing that plan to my members. That is against all copyright laws and etiquette. These guys are not interested in paying money for a plan, they are only considering building a Footy because I am badgering them to join me in the fun. Anything they build will come from out of the scrap box. No Footy could ever be worth more than US$ 300 surely.( OK you mean a bigger boat dont you?)

There are about three people in this world who are making a living from Radio Yachts, the rest, do it for the love of things little and wet.
All these people need our support.

Ian -

was not intended as a shot at you for sure, but just a general observation and - whether plans, rules, class building, etc. - there are a few and thought it might be an opportune time to mention the fact as you stated it - not many making a serious living from the hobby.

In the short time trying to “hustle” people into a multihull class, I have had the fortune to meet a wonderful group of people from around the world. At the same time I have watched several builders try to “crack” the hobby boat market with little success. A couple of one-time close friendships seem to lay in the dust from this effort, and much computer keyboard time has been spent answering questions. I don’t begrudge folks for wanting to get information, but many seldom think of the time involved the number of other people’s requests being made. Add in those who easily are offended because an email reply isn’t in their “in” box within a certain few hours, and it is amazing we have any “amateur” builders at all, let alone those who are able to support a lifestyle as “pro” builders.

During this time of promotional effort, I have received many thank-yous from folks that well outweight the grumblings - but I find fault with not being able to retain some of the friendships (at least to me) by perceptions of a minor few. I knew going in it would be a tough effort - but threats of an international copyright suit, criticisim for wanting a clean set of rules, builders that were promoted that didn’t ship, builders that were promoted that outright lied, folks satisfied with the monohull status quo, a national organization that happened to have volunteer class secretaries in “my” class that did little or nothing, continued barbed criticism of multihull sailing characteristics from some who never have seen a model multihull let alone sail one themselves, concerns about the high cost of the boats regardless of their huge size or potential performance - are just a few things that have often made me ask “what the hell am I doing this for?”

Well that is quickly answered by the letters of thanks for info sharing. Thanks for making plans available for free - or references where other plans can be purchased. Thanks in the form of shared photos or videos of multihulls under construction, or completed and sailing… all of these as examples of appreciation. No - I don’t/didn’t expect money - but I did/do suggest that those helping to make our hobby what it is, are given their acknowledgments.

While I acknowledge efforts to bring model sailing to the scouts, inner city kids, physically disabled folks, or just your next door neighbor, would it hurt to also acknowledge those who provide stuff for free?

I have a check framed in my home from a fellow who sailed in my big cat class when I was actively racing and sponsored. At the time I was class secretary for our international class as well a newsletter editor, and this fellow, now passed away, lived in the northeast. He didn’t race, and at the time was 67 years young. He sent me a check for $20.00 with a note - “please accept this for your time an energy in helping me know what is going on around the world and here in the US regarding our class. You put in time and have personal expenses, and this check will never cover all your efforts, but it is sent so that you know that someone out here (who doesn’t race) appreciates your efforts. Thanks and good luck.”

That check will never be cashed. When I get critics that bugger up my day, I just walk down to the family room and look at that framed check and letter - and my day is made. Sure we need feedback and criticism in order to provide better information, easier to understand plans, more precise rules - but at the same time, giving someone a pat on the back, a thank you, and the knowledge their efforts are appreciated can make a world of difference. And yes, I admit even positive comments can (and are) taken in the wrong way sometimes - but that is the problem with internet messages - and perhaps a great reason to use the emoticons to convey a feeling that while critical is also light hearted.

If the boat build is important and aadditional ones desired, I suggest an email to the designer to work out a royalty payment. The U.K. designer of PULSE Mini40 gets $7.00 for every plan I sell. He won’t get rich - but he gets his rewards for his design efforts. I doubt that anyone trying to support or promote this hobby would look for huge payments.

OK - I’m off the soap-box - flame away! [wink] :winking:

You are free to download my plan and copy it as many times as you wish for your club members if you so desire.
Many people have and thats why I posted the plan here…so you guys could build boats.

Brett, THANKS Mate! :help::graduate::wink:
Good one Dick! :reyes:

better still,e mail me your address and I will post a copy for you.
This way you will avoid the printing hassles and get accurate plans for you and your mates.
BobAbout is not optimized to the new rules however…I am slowly working on improvments to the design to make her a better performer under the rule.

When I started this thread, it was to inquire as to how the progress of building the class has gone for others (ie: how many hulls completed). I actually purchased a copy of Brett’s plans and was very impressed. The net version is close, but not near so thorough.

Just to show that I may not be the hopeless case that some may suspect,
I am pleased to show what a clever bloke I really am. :captain:
Hearwith some photo`s of progress on my “BobAbout” built from the plans which Brett so generously sent me for use by the Wellington Radio Yacht Club members.
As a mark of respect to Brett I have asked that any boats built to this series of plans should incorporate the word “ABOUT” in the boat name.
Mine will be “LaughAbout.”
Others could be FallAbout, WalkAbout, LayAbout, and so on, You get the general idea. :what:
The keel weight is done in brass tube filled with lead, to which wooden ends will be fitted and shaped.(approx 210grams total)
This was a flotation test so the rig is a little mickey mouse at this stage.
I will refine it over the coming weeks.
I shall keep you posted. :clown:

looking good Ian,
Nothing pleases the “designer” more than to see his creation built according to plan…yours looks true to my drawings in almost every way.
Don’t forget to fix the “forespar” (for want of a better term) at the bow.
The rig is not designed to pivot like a swing rig.Rather it is a conventional rig.
the forespar is to provide a jib sheeting point and jib pivot point whilst allowing the rig to be totally removed from the hull without disassembly.

If you want to get hold of some lead bulbs give me a mail…I have some cast ones here.

:zbeer: Cheers: Thanks for the bulb offer Brett.
I am really pleased with my brass tube idea which could be a way around the “NO LEAD” in public waterways rule which is in force in some countries I understand.
I was a musicial instrument repair technician in a former life, so pouring small quantities of molten lead holds no fears for me. (I still have respect for the dangers mind.) :jump:
Yes I understand the requirements of the rig and will fix the forespar as designed.
I have built the rig in carbon fibre as I had all the bits just sitting around waiting for a suitable use. (The results of being a hoarder as posted elseware.)
It is always best to build to the plan as it has had all the wrinkles ironed out hopefully.
The next one may be slightly different, but only in the materials or method, I am under no illusion that I could “improve” the design, just try something a little different.
“FOOTERS ARE FUN” :jester:

Keeping you informed. (If you want to or not.) :rage:
The bulb has been completed and attached to the fin.
The fin is slightly longer than shown on the plan to take advantage of the new box rule.
My thoughts are that at the speed and size we work in, the RENOLDS NUMBERS do not have any significant effect whatsoever.
There is only linear flow at such low numbers. :diablo:
What about that can of worms? :ihat:

I just wanted to say the tube idea worked out great!! Simple & cheap, straight out of the KISS School of Design. I do a vaguely similar thing for ballast in my iceboats, using a 1/2" electrical conduit filled with 5/16" steel nuts held together with a piece of wire run thru the nuts. Since I only need about 20 oz max, there was no need to go with lead.

I agree that the hydrodynamics at this scale & speed may not be all that critical & I’m sure yours will work just fine. I’ve long thought the Footy was a great design. Maybe after I finish a couple other projects I’ll look into building one.



:captain: Took the footer for a test sail today.
Stupid I know, as it was blowing gusts which I measured at 20 knots.
Still if it can cope with that, it can cope with anything.
Success! You Bet. :jump4:
Nicely balanced and most controllable in all but the hardest puffs.
Water tight even with the full submersion. :snorkel:
Just a few little mods to the sheeting arrangements to be completed and I will be ready to go racing.:darth:

Yeah, I can see FOOTY kits at hobby stores everywhere- right next to the pinewood darby cars. :lol:

Hi to everyone,
I have been lurking on the site for a while, and am very interseted in the footy as my first sail boat, have built a couple small tugs and working on a couple plastic conversions. Is there any further information about the bug plans, I already have the bob and razor and want to start with the easiest design. Thanks