How far should you go?

[:-turtle]How far should you go when restoring a VINTAGEmodel yacht?[:-wiltel]
If any of you have experience with antique furniture you will know that many a classic piece has been ruined by RESTORATION done by someone who has no knowledge or feel for the age and value of a true antique artifact and proceeds to “strip it down and refinish it,” thereby also stripping the value along with the PATINA.
I have been gifted a vintage yacht hull from the estate of a recently deceasd friend which I am keen to restore/ referbish in character without going too far.
The hull is in a pretty sorry state so it is not going to be easy.
The boat was made by my friends dad back around 1945-50. It is constructed from what looks like Mahogany, in layers, which have been hollowed out, to finish with a fine looking hull of just over one metre length. The glue has deteriorated so that the layers are comming adrift.
My plan is to reglue from the inside and make the hull watertight before anything else.
I shall post this now so that I dont lose it while I am trying to post photos. (don`t laugh I have done that before.) [:-weepn]

Do it NOW before it`s too late.

Ian youran experienced person. What you have described to do is not practical. I have seen Balmain Bugs pulled apart by experts and they never go back the same. Perhaps if the glue has come away from the wood you maybe will be able to pryce it all the way. Clean the glue line and redo it.if this boat is worth so much in sentiment. What wil it be like if you stuff it? Your name is going to be mudd. Take the ‘Bread’ lines and make another and ‘butter’ it together. With Varnish on it?? Sentiments run high if the boat LOOKS right.

I agree with Steve. Don’t do any more than cleaning her up and enjoy her for what she is – a reminder of a bygone era. If you want something to sail, take the lines off her and build a replica using modern adhesives and maybe even R/C to make her convenient to sail.