How do I delete my account

I want to close my forum account.

How do I do that?

Why bother? Just stop using the forum :slight_smile:

Are you the forum moderator?

If so, tell me how to delete my forum account.

David - - as a moderator, there are things I can - and can’t do. Basically we (moderators) can delete posts, or copy/move them - and we can “block” you from access, but I am thinking that Chad (administrator) is the one that can “wipe” your account, posts, etc. (with some limits of course) since electronic records, backup, etc. are still holding data. As an “owner” to a post, you can delete - but it tears up the forum since there are often responses to your posts - so without your posts, responses often don’t make sense.

Go to the “Community” and send a PM or email to “CHAD” and explain what you want. Just your account closed - or removal of all posts you’ve made. He will be the best person to help you with your request. Sorry to see you wish to leave. If ther is anything we can do to improve the site, please don’t hesitate to contact any of us moderators - or the administrator with suggestions.

Best wishes. Dick Lemke, moderator

Thanks, that is what I needed to know.


Account Deleted.