Hong Kong

Hi all - does anyone have any contact for R/C yachting in Hong Kong as I am there end of next week (11 June)

Cheers in advance

NO but you won’t have any trouble getting a suit made on the Kowloon side… heh heh… 4-5 hours tops, and not bad work. Amazing. The guy I was flying with the last time I was there got a replica rolex that kept better time than his real one HAH! I’ll keep my Breitling!

Yeah - got hounded last time up there (8 mnths ago) by tailor who had shop in lobby of hotel we stayed at - even worse down at Star Ferry Terminal - any Euro person gets absolutely hounded.

Mind you - might actually get some trou this time as the chest seems to of slipped to the waistline in the last 6 months:zbeer:

I was trying to remember the name of the place we stayed, The Royal Chinaman or something about that… I do remember that there was a German restaurant around the corner just past a McDonalds (There were two of those… good grief) that was really good. We ate there quite often… not exactly like Grandma’s kitchen… but it was good. (Lots of bugs though)

Watch for the silk scarves, I brought back a handful of them for Mom and the current other half… WooooHOOOOooo hit a home run with them… they were about $7.00 USD and pure silk… the women folk back home went goofy over them. I never saw any water over there that I would trust putting my boat into… we were there for heavy maintenance on the L-1011’s and would usually spend 5 days to a week sorting out the discrepencies after the plane came out of inspection. Several test flights and then home in an empty airplane. I wonder how many people have run a mile at 42,000’ hehehehe You can get a good work out in an empty wide body.

Was that the “old” airport Larry? Scary movie landing stuff! The new one is fantastic and only 25 mins to Kowloon on the MTR then a 5 min walk to my hotel.:jap:

Ian HB mentioned some water to me in an email and looking it up on Google Earth :magnify: it certainly is not that good a place for rc yots!

I had an uncle (now deceased) who worked on extensions to the old Kai Tak runway during WW2. He was detained at the pleasure of the Japanese at the time, and they didn’t give him much choice.

I used to love flying into the old Kai Tak (as a passenger). I also used to like replicating it on MS Flight Simulator and trying to line up with the runway after the turn - very tricky.

OH YEAH! it was a real gas landing an L-1011 in there… believe me… cleared to the checkboard, cleared to land. Mountain on one side, and water on the other, and the Captain looking at me… don’t blow it son… Everyone has to learn how sooner or later. Every landing at Kai Tak was a banger or a boomer… bang it on or boom goes you into something undesirable.
Everyone was warned… that when Kai Tak closed, it CLOSED. There would be NO SECOND chances, if you had a plane there, you were welcome to remove it, but flying out was not an option. Sure enough… we had a plane in for maintenance, and it ran late. They got it out a few days before the deadline, but the officials were quite serious, that when the deadline came it would be enforced.

That one was probably the worst, although the Carnarsie Visual to 14R at JFK was just as hairy. Fortunately I leraned that one in the ATR-72 for American Eagle, so when I shot it in the L-1011 years later I knew what I was in for. After I landed in JFK the first time and was taxiing back to the gate, I looked up and saw a 747 doing the approach to the Left runway which gave you a few more inches of room, and he was in atleast 25 degree bank less than 200’ AGL and WOW… it looked even worse from the ground than it did from the cockpit.

I wonder about the people that live in the projects there on the approach to the runways at JFK… you could hit a plane with a rock from the rooftops.