Home of the Masters

Hello. New here… I have scratch built r c airplanes for years and now I actively sail and race a full size Cal 27 MkIII on LakeThurmond here in Augusta Ga. I purchased a Victoria and a Nirvana from Ebay few years ago and enjoyed sailing them on the pond in my backyard. A divorce forced me out of the rc scene for a few years but I am back now (hopefully) Planning on scratching out a Yankee III J boat in the next month and sailing her on pond here in my new neighborhood. I have been watching the pond closely for the last few months and it seems the air is always very light on the water(surrounded by high trees on 3 sides. the Yankee is supposed to be for light air only so i hope it will be a good choice ( I also hope I can build her) I have never built a boat before but I hope the years of plane building will help…