Home built IOM hull only weight?

Well I glassed my cedar hull yesterday. I use epoxy, and was able to vacuum bag it. I only pulled a little vac on -5. It came out great but probably heavy at 600kg for just the hull. I have seen it posted with deck hull and fittings for 650kg so I better make a light deck. The cedar looks good but i am sorry i am going to paint it. What are other home builders hull weights coming in at?


I hope you mean grams, not kilograms:eek:
I’d check the IOM rules before you paint; they’re **** scared someone’s going to use paint to hide a few strands of kevlar/carbon fibre.

My Advance MK I, in balsa 1/8" and 5 oz. fiberglass i the outside is weighting 800 gramos, with fittings, servos and rudder…only need to add the keel/bulb and the Rx battery.

The “B”, sails has a mast in 10mm carbon pultruded and the booms are 6,1 mm carbon, the entie apperel weights 154 grams

Yes I know…it is underweighted for the IOM class, but i am not racing seriously yet.

When i start to go out for offcial races I will need to put some weight on board and use the standar aluminum mast and spars.

Tato Lazo

Yes grams not kg’s. Painting? Rules? If that was the case all the pictures I see would be of boats with clear (fibreglass only)??? Yes 600g for just hull no deck no fittings, just want to see if I am off base. But the hull is very stiff, I bet I could stand on it. The guys who said I did not have to glass the inside are correct!


Don, you are fine to paint the outside with the rules. I suggest that you do the inside with clear epoxy, no pigment so that the planked construction is visible.


Anders Wallin has a nice breakdown of IOM weight allowances. Please make sure you seal the inside of your balsa hull. I would use a layer of light (1/2 oz) glass and epoxy. If any water seeps into the balsa core, you will have problems, and once the hull and deck are joined, it will be hard to fix! I had these problems on my balsa planked Vanquish.

My new Vektor, fiberglass hull/deck weighed 525 gms bare.
With radio trays and paint primer, I was at 606. Paint added 6gm and clear coat another 9gms.

My finished boat is under weight by about 85 grams, so you are not too far from minimum if you are take care with the rest of your build.


The hull is cedar not balsa but I do plan on sealing it with epoxy not glass. Thank you for the weight chart.