Ho stupid is this..?? Newcomers, please read!

Just how stupid is this!? Chad has now given us a place to slam each other. What the heck dose this have to do with RC Sailing? This site is literally self-distrusting.

Newcomers, you need to know that this site will do very little to actually help you. This is NOT what RC sailing is all about. Please check out a real RC sailing discussion site at http://rcsailtalk.com/cgi-bin/ikonboard.cgi . There you will actually get answers from skippers that ACTUALLY sail these boats!
There are several other sites to visit. Check out Yahoo Groups http://groups.yahoo.com/ for several other discussion sites on boats like the US1M, Soling 1M , CR914, Star 45, V32, and several more. There is also the IOM site at http://www.iomclass.org .

Greg Vasilev of the Firm(see NO Class under New Classes). This guy is one of the most backward on any forum when it come to understanding new technology and so after attcking me personally for the second time in less than a week he shows up here atacking CHAD!!! What a small minded idiot!
This forum has much to offer with a far greater freedom to discuss than is available on any other forum. IDEAS, concepts of the future of rc sailing ,building tips, personal experiences, and a section devoted to Newcomers , and Technology(sections NOT available on any other site) are some of the
things you can find on this site. Sure ,you will find some bitter posts by small minded people like Greg, Roy and Dick, but the vast majority of what you find hereis upbeat information from experienced people who love sailing!

Doug Lord
–High Technology Sailing/Racing

if you ask me. and most people. and most people dont. I think this is a very good idea. many new sailors, get intimidataed by some of the thing we discuss here, and dont want to sound stupid, i had one question asked of me recently “why do you pay so much attention to how the jib sets as opposed to haw the main sets. the main is bigger and sound allow the boat to sail faster.”? I know this is a easy answer, but to the new sailor is is an important one, Chad may have found a way for this questions to be answerd by us “professional sailors”. i say good for you chad, and if anyone wants to slamm me , go right ahead, I get it almost everyday now

Greg V- thank you for your help, but I did not make this area for slamming people and what have you. this was an area for people to have a chance to go off topics and not have to pertain to rcsailing issues. (example: America’s Cup racing) or other issues that other care to share with the group.

I have tried my best to make this an educational board with rc sailing and have strided very hard to keep people from straying from topics along with keeping everyone happy. If you havent noticed sometimes I pay the price for allowing open speech and very little moderation but I feel it is needed and that everyone should be able to handle themselves correctly.

If you would like to help improve this board I am still looking for more moderators.

I do feel though that your tone towards me and this board to be extremely negative. I dont get paid to do this and lately I have been extremely busy with other projects that require my attention.

i usually stay quiet, but its getting worst…just stop all the fight!!![:-censored]

i am getting tired[:-banghead]…i feel like i am at the kindergarten…
is it that difficult just to talk and enjoy rc sailing!!! i now understand Dick!!!

if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!




I apologize to you personally in front of all. I know what it takes to keep a board like this up and running. You have done a superb job with upgrading to this forum. I am a person though that will speak his mind. Yes, I now agree that moderators should be given a try. It might be a rough road, but it?s worth the try. My concern is not to come here and bash Doug or you. My concern is that I just don?t see too many here anymore that have the ability to help guide newcomers with the correct information. Most have moved on to these other sites and might only pop in here once in a while to watch the ?train wreck? so to speak. If the problem remains, then this site will continue to go through periods such as it is going through now. Don?t know what the answer is myself, but I do certainly have my opinions on just what to do.
I have considered just abandoning this site, but I?m just not ready to do so yet. If it?s me, or others that you feel are the disruption, then by all means I would check out at your request.

To Doug Lord

Well just a few words…UPDATE your webpage…X3 pics coming on fall 2003…where are they???[:-banghead]
and the rest as well!!!

if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!


Wis, on our website it says words to the effect that pictures coming Fall of 2003(we hope). The “we hope” part is critical since the X3 is second priority to the F100CBTF even though the tooling is complete and the boat ready to be produced. I have to budget time between sold production boats and new boats. We have six orders on the F100CBTF presold so it must take priority after production building. Updates are posted on this forum on a regular basis on the F100CBTF progress(Under CBTF selected). Since production is about to ease off there is a good chance I can work in the first X3 while doing the F100CBTF tooling. The first priority is current production, the second the F100CBTF, the third introduction of the X3…

Doug Lord
–High Technology Sailing/Racing


Thanks for the info!


if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!


this is just to chad
i know there is alot of discension(sorry for my spelling) but i like this board , and would like to say thank you , i have met some nice people here. i have even found people who share my same interst (sailing) we have people here who like to argue about tech , stuff. this will happen all the time. i have been to races where , after I won , they would all want to measure my boat. and who ever won, I think this has to do with competion. I like matt atitude. and chiccos love of the americas cup. ithink the fighting is realy just between 5 or 6 people. so dont worry about the board, at least i will try and be helpfull and stay out of the fighting
fair wind to you all