hitech 715bb

Hey folks

I have hs715bb in my soling for the sail winch…dual arm set up.

I’m thinking about putting in a drum. does anyone know if the 715 can be converted to a drum winch? reliably…

I the SIM and one of my vics are going on diets this winter…:slight_smile:

I can find no reference to an HS715bb. Do you mean the 815bb?

If "yes’, then I don’t see any advantage in trying to convert it to a drum. That winch is plenty fast and plenty powerful for a Soling.

Adding a drum suggests taking the servo apart and adding an external (say) 5 turn potentiometer plus the linkages. That suggests adding weight and complexity and will make the winch slower.

There is an HS785 drum winch that works right out of the box. I have used it on an IOM and while it works and is powerful enough, it is too slow for racing.

the 715 was replaced by the 765.me thinks. or was it the 785

john, the 715 is pretty old…
Its sound like it CAN be done, but not worth it…
it it was an easy fix I’d consider. so I guess i wont be doing this mod. as I won’t purchase a new servo just to make it drum…

I was hoping to put the servo along side the keel trunk when the soling goes on a diet/weight distribution this winter. and i could do that with a drum with no worries about hitting the mast step… with the arms on the servo it make it a but more of an issue


visit Servo City and select your servo based on torque and speed. Then check if they offer an upgrade to a 180 degree or 360 degree movement. Not sure if they offer continuous unless you look in the “robot” section.

I bought a bunch of HS-645MG for my series of RG-65 boats, and they came standard with 60 degree arm swing. For $10 each, they converted them to 180 degrees ($20 for 360 degree movement). Considering I bought the servos from a hobby shop, the price was OK - and then I found I could have ordered them direct from Servo City with the option.

The 815BB has the option to order with more throw, and it is also available from Robotics area, if that is the size/speed you need.

For next RG I am thinking of trying a continuous rotation conversion. I build - I don’t play in electronics, so I prefer to buy something ready to go.

Just a thought.

Its not a big deal. I would have liked to change it over to drum if it was easy. I did the voltage regulator mod on my spektrum so I don’t have any fear of jumping into something, but it doesn’t sound easy so I’ll have to figure something else out…

yeah I know sheeting on a drum is slower, but it makes life easier when you want to put the servo in an awkward position.

Yup - like very narrow multihull hulls of less than 3 inches wide - but with lots (1400 sq. in.) sail area to haul in.

Below decks, clean and slow - or above decks, arm type, fast but kind of “ugly”? :smiley:

The 715 is the predessor of the 815. It is 100+ in-oz of torque less powerful than an 815.

However, it is likely that you can mess with the control pot and resistors to make it into a continuos travel type of servo. I haven’t ever done the mod but I know there are a lot of threads on various forums that outline what you need to do.

The 765 (now 785) are the Hitec Drum winches that will easily handle a Solings sails.


Hi all:

I was wondering why a 815 or 765 or 785 hitec servo for a Rg 65?? when the GWS 1T winch sail is more than enought torque at all. And it is a little over U$10.00.

I have been told that the brazilian team even use small or micro servos for the sail , metal geared and of course with increased rotation, but the GWS is cheap and reliable enought. easyt install and setup.

tato Lazo

the 715, 815, 765 is a bit of an overkill for the rg65. the 9645 or 645 can do the job