Hitec 7950

Has anyone tried the 7950 in a sailboat? Does it usually work right out of the box or do you need to program (180 degrees?)


A couple of us are using this servo in IOMs. It comes set for 90*, so you need a programmer to set it to 180, or get the store to set it for you before they send it to you.

What make radio are you using Andrew? Does it have BEC? As near as I can find out Spektrum doesn’t have BEC. I think this will cause some problems if you try to use a 7950 for a winch and a standard sevo for you rudder. The Spektrum receiver will send the full 7.2v to both servos and smoke the standard one. If your receiver has BEC you can use a “Y” harness to supply power to the 7950 first and the standard servo will get its power through the receiver. Does anyone have a way around the Spektrum problem?

The manual for my Spektrum receiver says it’ll take 9V as a supply so no problem running the receiver and a 7950 direct from a 2S Lipo cell. I suggest using a regulator in the power supply line for the standard servo, something like one of these:



You surrender a little of the weight saving but should still be on a winner overall.


Right now I have a Hitec Ranger 2n the reciever has BEC. Thank you all for your advise, now I wait for Santa!!