Hi to all from TN

Wanted to make a quick post to say hello. I’m from Jackson Tennessee, and brand new to the hobby. Not sure where to begin, as I have searched for local sailors and have found none this far. I also put an ad in local craigslist but no response. I just purchased a t.t. voyager3 to assemble over the winter. Hope it’s not too overwhelming. Hope to hear from any and everyone!

Hi Ken - welcome to the hobby.

may want to look at the following link. Looks like there might be four different AMYA clubs in Tenessee and maybe one close to you. Even if a bit of a distance, it is always more fun sailing if there are other boats around - and experienced owners able to answer your questions. Not sure if all are active - but you can contact them and find out. Might go on “vacation” through the cold winter months.

Check on the boats they are sailing - and consider one for your next/future purchase.

Good luck on your hunt.



Hi Dick thanks for the reply. Yeah Nashville is the closest, its 2 hours away. Not to bad. I’m sure there are some people who travel a longer distance to sail or race. A Victoria may be the next purchase, as a lot of groups seem to race those.