Hi Tec mega winch

There is a guy that works in a hobby shop here in Brisbane Australia that turns Hi Tec HS815BB sail arm servos into winches.

These winches have very high torque ratings. They are capable of 8 full turns of a drum. They sell for about the price of a normal sail winch, but are much faster and can have different drums adapted to suit individual needs.

The value of them is that they are slightly heavier than a normal Hi Tec winch but are nearly as quick(full on to full off) as a Guyatt at half the price.

A friend of mind uses one in a 2 metre tri with no problems.

He can modify them very easily. I’m sure that the electronics gurus on here could do the same thing quite easily.

Just thought I would post this as it gives people who want the speed of a Guyatt at the price of a Hi Tec another option.


Sounds great Peter. The 815 is an excellent servo for the price. With these modifications it should fill a little niche that has been void for some time

Hitec also makes a drum winch. It is a 725BB
While it does not have quite the power of the 815, it is reasonably fast at 1.62 sec/360 degrees. (the 815 is faster at 1.2 sec/360 deg.)

Just an FYI in case nobody realized there was one already made.

Peter R.

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hey peter,
can you please supply the details of this person, like name, email, prices &anything else please?
thanks in advance

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The Guyatt 380HD can do 3 revs per second; what is the speed of this new winch? What voltages will it operate on?

Doug Lord
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The place is Southside hobbies. I think from memory the guys name is Brian.

Revolutions don’t come into it. The fact is this winch can be supplied with different drum sizes to suit your requirements.

Maybe on a mini40 two turns will be fully in to fully out in 2.4 sec.

Not as fast as a Guyatt, but at around $130 it’s much cheaper.


Hi Peter.
Do you know if Brian has an email?

One Design is the only way to race, none of this handicap s**t.

i’ll get on to them, again and find out the details.
I know at one stage they were going to make them and stock them but as I said I’ll find out and post the details.


Thanks Peter

One Design is the only way to race, none of this handicap s**t.

The info that I supplied earlier is slightly wrong.
The store is Southside Hobbies, but the guys name is Bernie.
In uses the HS805BB servo for the modification and not the HS815BB as I first reported.
Bernie says himself that they aren’t as fast as a Guyatt, but they weren’t designed to be.
They have been put together for use on boats that have large sail area’s. Bernie has no problems doing the modifications if anyone is interested.
He sells them for the price of the servo + $40:00AUD. ($169:00AUD total)
Bernie doesn’t have an e-mail address, but I told him that I would forward any questions or orders via my e-mail or this forum.


Hi Peter,
Would the HS805BB with the modification be more powerful than the HS725BB?


One Design is the only way to race, none of this handicap s**t.


I believe the topic was covered some time ago. The above is the link to a servo conversion article.

Del Perena

To answer the question from Rob, yes it is far more powerful. Bernie recomends that the servo be used in boats with large sail area.
The 725 isn’t powerful enough to be successful with the rig size of the 2 metre multihull, but the 805 handles it easily.
It could be used on any boat as long as care is taken with the controls of it.


The reason the topic has come up again is that not everybody has the ability to do the conversions. Regardless of the written explanation of how to do it, some people find it much easier to just purchase the product.