Hi, I'm newbie from Jakarta, Indonesia

Hello … I’m a newbie from Jakarta, Indonesia.
I’ve had a couple of sailboats but still do not understand how to do the settings properly.
Some of the boats that I have is footy class, RacingSparrow and Victoria
I hope to learn a lot from this forum.


Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place. This forum is contributed to by some of the most knowledgable & experienced rc yachtsmen, designers & builders you could ever want to converse with.

Welcome to this fabulous resource!



Hi Row,
I’m back again after so long not to join in this forum.
Perhaps due to my busy in work …
In cultivate this hobby, I’ve encountered is the difficulty in making sail.
There is little discussion about how to make the right sail, especially multi sail panels.
There may be suggestions from you. Where can I learn how to make the sail properly, especially about the chamber and twist.



No easy answer to this one other than lots of reading!!

To point you in the right direction you need to look for something called ‘Claudio Gadget’ (as it’s known on this forum). A good starting point is here:


This part of the forum isn’t really for discussing anything other than ‘Introductions’ so if you would like additional information I’d suggest starting a new thread in the ‘General Discussion’ section. Oh, and by the way, yes, that link I’ve posted is 51 pages!!



Oo… i see…
Thanks for your attention.
I noticed at a glance, it looks like it’s hard for me to understand … Because the language used is too technical, and the less I understood.
But I thank you all because you are willing to help me …
Thank you all …