hi from Surrey england

Hi My names Kevin though i prefer kev, have been modeling since 1900 and frozen to death, or about 40 plus years everything from airfix to scratch built RC aircraft. mainly model boats now.
have built and sail richard webbs footy wonder and habe just ordered a set of Flavio’s Brando Drawings. just really starting in sail so questions may be asked later on, i’m also a member on Modelboat mayhem under the same user name.
i look forward to conversing with you all, as and when i have something to say or ask.
All the best

Welcome to the boards Kev.

You’ll find a lot of us wee boat modellers here.

You have many years of experience under your belt, and hopefully you will add your knowledge to the pool.
There are many seasoned experts here as well, in which I’m sure you will gain some tricks as well.

Happy mucking :slight_smile: