Hi from Spain

Hi I’m Andy and I am currently living on the Costa Blanca in Spain.
I have two rc sailing yachts , an uncertfied IOM, scratch built from free plans I downloaded from a french website then re-drew and tweaked on a cad drawing system when I couldn’t get the frames to work.
I used to sail it in the model yacht pond at home (Guernsey in the british channel islands) but since being in Spain I have been searching for a good sailing site. There is a river estuary which is safe but small, and there is the sea, which is big enough but risky if the radio packs up!
My other rc yacht is a Racing Sparrow 750 which I built to try out plank on frame construction as the previous 3 boats I built (including a free sailing pond yacht and an electric powered scale wooden speedboat) were all hard chine. Quite a nice little yacht which I am still making adjustments to.

Hello, and welcome to the forum, Andy. The forum owner/administrator should be along shortly to open up all other features of the forum - please be patient.

I think you will find a wealth of information sharing here, and I encourage you to participate and share your positive experiences - as well as any failures. Most are trying to learn as much as possible, as fast as possible. You will find, a lot of this site is focused on actual building boats, schooners and multihulls, whereas other sites seem more focused on the quick assembly and needed modifications to the plastic kit boats. Whatever your interest, I am positive there are some here more than willing to help. Also, we have a couple of other sailors from Spain, so you may get a personal message or two from them. Best wishes for enjoyable and useful sharing of ideas.

Dick Lemke

Welcome and thanks for joining us… Let me know if you run into any technical issues on the forum.

As another Spanish resident ex-pat, a welcome from me too.
Valencia/Alicante is the birthplace/centre of activity in Spain for the RG65 class, in which Dick also has an interest http://www.aerg.rg65.com/ and for which this forum houses a section. With your scratch building experience, it’d be an ideal class for you since numerous plans are freely available for downloading. Theres also a class legal 65 cm Racing Sparrow too: http://www.racingsparrow.co.nz/docs/RacingSparrow_RG65_v1trial.pdf The first link lists two or three clubs on the Costa Blanca.
Btw, I’m in Asturias, on Spain’s north Atlantic coast and a fair distance from you, although I’d be happy to offer any advice.
Cheers Martin

Thanks for the links, the rg65 looks good, and the web site is interesting. I am near Denia so I am half way between Alicante and Valencia so it is a little over an hour away to each club.
I had already seen the racing sparrow rg65 plans and I like the fact that it has more bouyancy in the bow as I find the bow of the RS750 a little narrow for my liking although I’m sure others will disagree.
Once I have finished tweaking the RS750 I will look into my next build, but first I have to convince the wife that three boats is not enough!

Hi from Valencia!.. Look me up if ever you’re up this way, I can give you a tour of our America’s Cup base and boats too if that is of interest…


Hi Jim, a tour of the America’s Cup base would be great and definitely of interest. We do get up to Valencia occasionaly so I will be in touch.