Hi From South Benfleet, Essex UK

Hi, my name is Eddie, I live in South Benfleet UK, I am a 68yr retired Electrical - Mechanical Tooling Engineer, married with a son and daughter, and two grandchildren.

I have always been interested in model boats etc, but never just got around to building one, so I am a very late starter.

Over the years I have had various hobby’s / pastimes, Photography, Computers, Hi-fi etc-etc, and spent far-far too much money, so it is with some trepidation that I start this new hobby, (as I imagine my wife thinking here we go again! :mad:)

To see if I would enjoy RC Sailing I bought a second hand Joyways Discovery model yacht it came complete with 2.4 GHz equipment all for £65.

I found I have enjoyed sailing it, my wife and grandchildren also enjoy sailing it, I got the green light for my new hobby from my wife, (when she inadvertently said after a trip sailing that it had all ready paid for its self from the enjoyment we all have had)

After much deliberation and web searching as to whether to buy a kit or scratch build a boat, I have downloaded the plans for the Viperfish II, also the plans Nekst ver: 1.0
these are both RG65, also plans the Nekst IOM ,(with many thanks to Arne Semken & Andress Hoffmann, for there time and skill with the designs, and making them freely available for download).

To date I have purchased some ply, balsa, glue etc, and have made a start on the Nekst RG65.

I have some concern with this new hobby; in so much I have developed Asthma in the past two years, and find I have to wear a mask whilst band sawing, sanding etc, I have yet to see if the fumes from the glass-fibre - resin affects me.

I will keep you posted as to my progress.

Kind regards

Eddie Woof :slight_smile:

Hi Eddie - and welcome. While it may inhibit winter building, working on the boat outside might help your breathing issues. Also, a good friend of mine has the same condition, and found that epoxy seemed to affect him less than polyurethane resins - and the smell of the epoxy was much less which pleased his wife.

You might consider using an old cardboard box, cutting a hole and placing a fan behind the hole to help draw off the fumes and/or sanding dust. Fortunately, you will find balsa easy to cut, and if you use basswood for areas needing strength, you can cut it with a hand “razor-saw” which unlike a power saw, won’t spread wood dust easily - if at all. keep a good shop vacuum handy for any sanding of the epoxy - ad be sure to wear a good dust mask. Obviously, paint outside or set up fn to blow fumes and fine paint mist away from you. If you get caught up in this hobby, take a look at some of the vacuum tables which are merely little holes that create a downward flow pulling dust and fumes away from you - but they can be spendy. You can search on-line for plans to build your own.

I believe you will greatly enjoy building and then sailing your own boats, and the family will look forward to one of their own… just to forewarn you of the work ahead ! [grin]

Anyway, welcome to one of the best and most relaxing hobbies - and if you are so inclined - enjoy the racing that is bound to break out with members of your family … once you build each of them (or at least two) boats.


Hi Dick, thank you for your warm welcome, the advice is most helpful, and I will certainly use it.

Thank you once again.


Hi Eddie, welcome to the forum. I dont know where you sail, but there is a club sailing at Southchurch Park In Southend ever Sunday. This season a few RG65’s started to appear at the club & sparked interest in this class. Over the winter there are several more being built & a desire to start racing this class next season. Feel free to come along any Sunday & ask any questions, theres free tea & coffee & I’m sure you will get a sail of a few members yachts. We do race within the club, but we are only there for fun, not to strict on the rules. There is always a few of us there, even during the winter, sailing everything from footys to marbleheads.

Hi Glenn,

Thank you for your welcome, I have been to Southchurch Park many times in fact I watched the sailing last Sunday. I went along to 65th Anniversary event and chatted to a few members (we could have even spoken to each other). Glenn I have a membership application form that Peter Bone gave me and will join this coming January.

I am very pleased to hear that that RG65 are being built within the club, I have made some progress with my build of the RG65-Nekst, and hopefully I will lunch it at Southchurch this coming January.

Glenn it’s nice to here from you, (even though it’s via half way round the world) and I look forward to meeting you in the near future.

Kind Regards