hi from Poland :)

hello - im novice but my dream is build a j-class boat :slight_smile:
but i dont have any plans… and dont know where to find it :((((

help ? maybe someone have some ?

I have already passed to you the Enterprise and the Tuiga plans after yours multiples requests via PM.

You judged , being a novice, that my Enterprise plan also presented here, was, according to your elegant expression “a fucked plan”

I hope that others plans will not be judged in the same manner !!!


I don’t know who you are to say Claudio plans are fucked,if you got only 10% of the experimental knowledge of Claudio,it would be great for you!!! Cheers Mr.aXon

Wow - one single post, and have, perhaps, upset an individual (Claudio) who has contributed so much to this hobby/sport. I certainly hope you don’t act this way for offers of the free advice you request. Perhaps you have burnt your own bridge and successfully eliminated any kind of future help, suggestions or guidance.

I wish you well - and hopefully will see (or hear) of an apology to someone who tried to help you. If not, I would like to be one of the first to suggest you go elsewhere for your information.

Posted as my own personal point of view.

Dick Lemke
Minnesota, USA

Hi dick,i would be very happy to second you on the point to go elsewhere. Gilles B.

hi. sorry about this “fucked up plans” but this wasnt about “plans”
i was pissed up because i dont know what do with this one that claudio send me :(((((
i was saw plans that every frame is beutifull draw in 100% size peace by peace - every frame - and this gave me something
claudio’s plans maybe are great but still… tuff to read… :(((((

and i was peased on mayself not on claudio or claudio’s plans.

once again sorry to claudio and everyone who was dissapointed or something… .

greatings to all of You !!!

(ps. sorry for my english… it may be better… )