Hi from Ontario

After sailing dingy’s for 30 years, a friend got me to try his Soling 1m. Okay, so now I am hooked, we have 3 Solings, plus I thought I would try out my building skills (dorment for 40 years) and have a go at one of Claudio’s designs, the iacc120 NZL-92. Did I mention I am a Brit and my wife a Kiwi.

Very pleased to know ! It is a very good choice !
Good work then.

Very well Invasion, costruction of iacc120 NZL-92 from Claudio’s designs , it s much amusing .- Best wishes, GINO ITA95

Great to have you on board, NZL-92 is great build and it will keep your wife happy too …clever cookie :smiley: now why did I not think of that !?