Hi from North Yorkshire, England

Hi Everyone,

I’m Joanne, yes, a lady of a ‘certain age’.

I discovered radio sailing just a few weeks ago and have fallen in love with it. My first boat, to get something on the water, is a DragonForce, which I love.

My plans are:

Race the Dragon to learn
Build a Footy to have fun
Build another RG65 to play with swing rigs
Head towards IOM one day

And I love messing around and making things …

I look forward to joining you all on the forum

Take care


Hi Joanne, like you I am also very new to this forum & sailing. My late Father came from Sedbergh.

I almost bought a Dragon myself, it’s nice to see you have plans and I hope you will have much enjoyment from your new hobby – pastime.

I found RC-Sailing to be more enjoyable then ever I imagined, (my only regret, I did not start many years ago :grumpy:)

Kind Regards

Eddie :slight_smile:

Thanks Eddie,

I don’t know what you want to go from your RC sailing, but in my very limited and very recent experience, the Dragon is a great learning vehicle. It is after all a massed produced ICE (£500 for the hull !!).

I don’t know if you’re into racing, but getting into a club that races really gets your skills going - I’m lucky, I’ve joined where there’s a fleet of Dragons (which is why I went there).

I hope you get massive enjoyment

Take care