Hi from North Alabama

My name is Jim Howell. Years ago I raced one-design dinghies - Windmills, Kites, OK’s, 470’s, Thistles - until a bad knee “suggested” that I should put this activity aside. One of my long-time competitors suggested to me that I might try R/C sailing competitions. The local club has a number of different boats, but the Victoria is most popular. I now have one of those, and am greatly enjoying the activity. The latest issue of the AMYA journal with its articles on the Footy piqued my interest. I also build and fly a variety of model airplanes, so one of the appeals of the Footy is that it can be a home-designed/built woodie. I’d like to lurk for a bit and see how the conversations on the forum go, but I have a bunch of questions from the AMYA articles.

Jim Howell

Welcome Jim! You must sail with the Rocket City guys? Ron, Doug et al? They can get you up to speed in the Vics. Other “homebuilts” in this region of the US are IOMs and RG65s.

Yep, RCMYC. Ron is the prime instigator for my slide down the slippery slope… I showed up last March to “see what was happening” and Ron stuck a Txmtr in my hands. We have one fellow with an IOM, Ron and Richard have Micro Magics, and Ron has a Laser. Probably more, but I haven’t seen them yet. Lots of family crises over the months since April, but I did manage to sail in the Heart of Dixie Regatta. Had a great time, even at the back of the fleet. Planning on learning more about these little jewels over the next months.