Hi from Lancashire

Hi Guys and Gals, I have just taken up RC yachting very recently having had an interest in RC helicopters. :slight_smile:
What a releif to be able to sit and relax for a while and just watch a graceful yacht enjoying itself without the constant twitching and tweaking that a helicopter depends on. :stuck_out_tongue:
My first effort was in building a Robbe Comtesse which, although not a racing boat, can produce a fair turn of speed in a medium breeze. Even nicer is the idea that if my concentration should lapse for half a second, then the yacht will probably not crash and destroy itself in the blink of an eye. :cool:
Looking forward to many more laid-back days sailing. :slight_smile:

Hi wibplus,yes there is a plenitude in the silence.At that moment you can see what you habitually don’t see! Welcome aboard! Gilles B.

Hi Wibplus, if you need to get back to that ‘on the edge’ feeling get to sail a multihull such as a Min40; there’s no lump of lead on the bottom so in a good breeze the only thing to keep it right way up is you and your reactions.

Here’s a mini 40 sailing at Portishead, near Bristol.



Ray - not to hijack the thread, but do you recall sail area (or mainsail luff length) you were using in the video? Didn’t know thisone was yours, or I would have asked sooner.


Dick, this is Mike Dann’s boat, not mine so could only hazard a guess at the moment. I’m away for a few days now but could find out from Mike when I get back.