Hi from kiwiland

Ooops, sorry , broke the rules and made a post before making my introduction.

Cheers to Dick and Chad for sorting out my username registration.

Bit about myself;used to build boats, done a bit of sailing in various parts of the world, occasionally work as professional skipper when the need arises and the sea calls.

These days mostly stuck on terrafirma and building a few rc boats in my spare time.

Really been very impressed with the knowledge being shared on this forum and would like to share a Mini 40 trimaran build i have been working on forever.

Not a lot of multihull talk/builds going on here ( not that there is much going on anywhere)so I hope to expand that a little.

I don’t mind sailing with the handbrake on occasionally so would like to undertake a IOM build soon and hope to get some advice on this project.


Thank you for your patience. I look forward to reading more about your mini 40.