Hi From Jacksonville Florida USA

My name is Martin Gray and I am a relatively newcomer to the RC sailing scene. I am the commodore of the Local RC Sailing Club ( Jacksonville Model Yacht Club AMYA # 157 ) so along with my wife Trish as starter and scorekeeper we run weekly regattas at the pond.

I started with the EC-12 as it is the most sailed boat in the Region 3 area and as there are many championship regattas to attend we get to travel around the SE region at least once a month. On visiting Punta Gorda last year I found that there were many EC-12 skippers also sailing the Soling 1M so I set about building 3 x solings and had a great time in New Hampshire recently at the Soling 1M NCR. I also built a few Micro Magic sailboats and this year or club hosted the NCR Micromagic class in St. Augustine which had a great turnout of 28 Boats. Recently a fellow sailor Baron Bremer introduced me to his new Goth Mx7 IOM and after a little time on the RC sticks I knew I wanted to get one so I am awaiting delivery of my IOM.

My goal is to build up the local sailing club by getting more classes of boats on the water so that we can entice more potential members to take up this fabulous hobby.


Martin Gray
AMYA # 15914