Hi from Bristol UK Home of the SS Great Britain

I have been into model boats/ships for the last few years after re furbishing a RAF Fireboat.

This was followed by the scratch build of a New Zealand coastal steamer the COROMANDEL, which my great grand father fell off and was drowned in Auckland harbour in 1870.

I have now started restoring a static model yacht hull with the intention of doing a bit of non powered boating.

The hull that I bought for 99 pence on e bay, has been a bit of a job as I had to take all the planking off and replank it with the cleaned up strips.

I did not know what the yacht was, but from another site’s suggestion is that it is a J class It is 120 cm long. So I am now going to make it a J class so will now start to need to get some information, so have joined this Forum

Very well nasraf !
Please post some pictures of your model, it will help many of us to offer you some supports !

Thanks Claudio for the response.

I have attached pics of hull as it is at present.

I was going along the lines of making it Marblehead, but after seeing the possibilities of a J I have changed course. Unfortunately I had attached and planked the hull and I do not want to undo this, so some options are going to be restricted. I only want to build a model for simple sailing, but I would like it to look quite nice, so although I had fitted a single winch I now intend to fit two winches so that I can limit the control lines on the deck and not have the problem of getting round the mast. I have already fitted aluminium tubes under the deck for the return paths for the lines.
My next activity is to determine the construction of suitable deck cabins etc and to construct these before I start on the rigging and sails.


Fine nasraf,
Nice hull that deserve some restoration work and checking for leakages
The ballast I suppose is sitting internally. If this is the case, the mast should not be very tall.
What is weight of the hull including ballast ?
Do you have a Rig ?

Hi Claudio

Thanks for response, I have decided to open a new thread under New Boat Owners - A Fun J Class, as I do not want the saga to end as a tail to the Introduction.

As I have had enough typing to night I will respond to your message to morrow as it is probably not a short answer.

Kind Regards