Hi from Belgium/Holland!

I would like to briefly introduce myself: first name is Willem, I’m 56 years old and live on the Dutch/Belgian border. I have been designing, building and flying model airplanes all my life. Just recently read about the Footies and got hooked immediately!
After studying lots of photos and plans I decided to throw in my airplane experience (planes and boats are not THAT much different, or are they???:lol:) and sort of design my first Footy hull. As I have commercially designed and produced CNC cut polystyrene foam model airplane kits (in a previous life :wink: ) I decided that my first Footy is also going to be foam. I take pics as I go along, will post them later. Rigging will be McRig.
In the mean time I have registered with the German registrar, who also covers Holland and Belgium, and have been assigned sail number B 01.
I really look forward to learning rc sailing with my Footy!