Hi from a UK RC land sailor!

Hi all,
I have been building and sailing my own RC land yachts for some time here in the UK and have noticed how small the hobby is. Hoping to gain more interest after much trial and error I present to you the starspeed class 1 :slight_smile: Looking forward to getting to know some people and hoping you’ll get to sail my yachts.

http://ukrclandyacht.ddns.net/wordpress/?page_id=91 A link to my page about the starspeed class 1, if you fancy a read or a poke about XD



looks intriguing.

you may want to ditch the rope shrouds with slip knots. bowsies make it much easier to adjust/take apart for transport/tunning

do you have any method of maintaining sheet tension on the drum winch… if there is no tension on the boom and you let the winch out it may not spool/unspool properly.

Id also consider something other than wood. Carbon fiber tubes/rods are much stronger and durable than wood dowels. and the prices on them makes worth considering…

Hi Alex - welcome to the site.

Unfortunately, our land sailing guru (Bill Korsgard) passed away several years ago but he had contributed a great deal of information and suggestions to those interested in land sailing. He was also an avid ice boat enthusiast. You might want to do a search on his name and look at some of his posts from the archives.

Here is a link to a site from California. Within the web pages, are links to the “International” r/c organization too.


Regards, Dick Lemke