Hi All and Info Request


After often pondering taking up model sailing and watching others sail at the local lake but never actually doing anything about it I’ve finally taken the plunge and bought a second hand boat.
I’ve got to admit it was a bit of an impulse buy and I didn’t do any homework. Usually I spend hours researching on the internet but not this time!

Could anyone help in identifying what I’ve bought? The guy I bought it from had bought it at a charity auction a couple of years ago and it had laid in his shed gathering dust ever since. He knew even less than I did about it.

It measures 1540mm (5’ 1") from the tip of the rubber bumper to it’s rearmost point and 280mm (11") across at it’s widest point. I’ve measured one of the supplied rigs and the main sail is approximately 1600mm (5’ 3") tall.

Any help would be gratefully received.



Interesting question. . .the sail shows the IOM class logo, but the hull is much to long for an IOM. It is also too long to be a Marblehead. It is a bit small to be a 10R, but it may be an old 10R with an odd-ball rig. (note that the sail numbers don’t match the hull number)

You may want to post the question and the photos on the MYA website



Thanks John, I’ll do that. I’ll also get the other rigs out of the box and check those.

Gidday Rob, your boat looks like a Ten Rater to me also.
As John points out the sails are designated as IOM rigs for another hull.
It may be that a previous owner set up your hull to allow the use of his existing IOM rigs which makes a lot of sense should you own both classes.

The 10 Rater class is in my opinion the "Formula One " of radio yachts.:graduate:

Ask the registrar of the class about your boat using the hull number affixed to the deck and you should learn its details and history.
If you don`t have an “A rig” in your inventory then do some research and build one because these hulls really perform when fully pressed.
Have fun my friend. :scared:

ps… PHOTO`s when launched please…:smiley: