HFS-03MM receiver

I found a Hitec HFS-03MM micro reciver in my box of radio parts. Does anyone know what sailboat-type transmitters it would work with? Something with 2 sticks & 4 functions hopefully.

It’s a really small receiver worthy of being in a Footy, about 15mm x 20mm and 10g

Hitec HFS-03MM
* Type 3 Channel FM Single Conversion
* Operating Voltage 4.8 - 6.0 Volts
* Current Drain 15 mA. +/- 0.15 mA
* Max BEC Output 3 Amps
* Size L x W x H - 38 x 25 x 16mm
* Weight 16 grams

  • 27 or 75MHz
    (RCUniverse lists many specs)

I know the specs on the receiver. The question was which 2-stick transmitter(s) will work with it.

Hi Tomohawk:

In my last RC club there were a old guy who never make sense of the advices we made to him…really crazy guy, very dangerous.

BUT…thanks to him we discovered that hi tec RX works well with futaba RX, and also that hitec RX cristals work on futaba transmitters…

So I guess you can use with your receiver any futaba or hi tech transmiter as well as the Tx use the same frequency.-

May be you can ask to any modeler fellow to test his fm radio with your rx.

Hope this can be useful to you.

Tato Lazo

The only thing I could find out about this receiver is that it comes with a 3-channel pistol-style computer radio, like the
Hitec Aggressor SRX 3 Channel FM Computer Radio System.

That would indicate it was a car reciever and will work best with land frequencies.

I have all kinds of different recievers that work mix and match with other brands of transmitters and crystals, no worries there!!

Rusty Nail already indicated (post #2) the receiver was on surface frequencies, as does the product’s package, so that’s not an issue.

The problem is that I am not familiar with what 75 MHZ FM transmitters (the ‘computer’ ones) are out there, so I wanted to draw on the knowledge of those here to narrow the possibilities to something appropriate for sailing or Footies.