So who’s here these days? It’s been maybe over a year since I’ve been here I think. Only RC sailed about four time since. I still have a bunch of boats and do hope to re-enter the RC sailing world once again next season.
Been involved in my latest hobby which is auto racing. Been tracking my '03 Mini Cooper S. and hope to get into racing more seriously next season
Anyway, “HI” to all my old friends here.
Greg V

glad to see you back!!
oh and I know the “Porsche” feeling, done that with an Elise and a Seven…

Great to see you back Greg; I think you will enjoy the forum a lot more now that issues have been dealt with, and Chad has upgraded the forum software.

Are you speaking of a Caterham 7? Also I am uber-jealous about the Elise, would love to drive one see what it is all about. For now I drive an Original 1984 BMW 6 series, but looking for something new in the near future. Not sure which avenue Im going to go down, but hopefully its something cool.

nop. I own a Lotus Seven S3 Twin Cam (still in Europe, my dad is taking care of her)…not many made.

We are A Happy Lotus family

As for the Elise. call it the new seven…though the newer version are for softies, who needs electric windows, audio aso…

Dad got an Elise JPS (special edition…not much special though, JPS colours, and the first “kit”)

Hi Greg -

missed 'ya buddy ! Good to see you back.

Hi Greg -

Great to have you back. Missed you. Nice board now too.

All the home construction projects finished?


… no … :turtle:

hi greg
welcome back. missed ya BIG TIME.

I didn’t know we had so many rich dudes here that could afford such machinery. I ran Group 3 SCCA auto-X with my mean little Datsun 240-Z and with all of my $8,000 invested in car and mods, we beat a LOT of very expensive cars. (Dentists are usually lousy drivers hehehehe) Took 3rd in Nashville back in 1994.

Feel free to contact my dad:devil::devil:

Luckily, I didnt have to afford anything. My dad bought th car new in '84 and it happened to still be around when I started driving. Its a cool car b/c I earn a lot of respect frm older car guys b/c it is a classic and they are becoming more and more rare. Ill try to track down some pics.

well… there always has to be ONE guy… hehehehe

I just remember beating a guy (there were about 6 dentists at this one and they finshed in order from the bottom of the list) with a $60,000 Porsche and his buddy asked him how much I had invested in my car… when I told him he yelled across the lot, “HEY FRANK… why don’t ya sell your car and get about 10 of these then you would have more chances”