Hey there

Hi all, I am a relative new comer to RC sailing, found this site by accident!
I live in Virginia US, so far I only have a TT ETNZ and a scrath build VO60 in progress. Hope to try something more scale after this one :slight_smile:

welcome, where in VA are you located…

Marc you sound like a stalker. :cool:
you should try something like: Our club sails in Reston VA. If your not to far away we would love to have you come out on one of our sailing days. Our calendar for 2012 will be posted soon at nvmyc.com. Hope you can make it out TKT.

Craig, Stalking only one of the things I’m good at… But

you sound like someone’s who gunning for the position of commodore in our club with your polished speak… I’ll be sure to nominate you at out meeting next week …:slight_smile:

Cool, I have never had a stalker before!
I am in Chesapeake, right by the NC border. If anyone knows of any clubs in this area please let me know! I havent had much luck finding any yet.