Hey guys

Hello there everyone, im currently studying automotive design in the UK, on my major project at the moment and am doing an ice/land yacht for use by scientists in antarctica (a greener way to travel on a very sensitive part of the world).
I have come on here to find out if people have any information or any hints and tips on land yachts on snow. And if its possible to use in antarctica.

I have filtered this out http://www.neva.ru/EXPO96/urania/snow.html which i think is very interesting. Anyways if there is anyone which would like to help me that would be very much appreciated.



Hello Bujar,

WOW, I love your forward thinking…this is the kind of thought we need to see more of!

I think you will probably be able to figure out whatever it is your looking for using the depth of knowledge and resources within this forum.


Thank you.

I do hope i can get an insight to some of the fundementals which surround land yachts. Where would it be best to ask about the posibilities of using land yachts in the snow and the information regarding them.