Hey everybody

To those of you who know me,and have been wondering what happened to me,I had to drop out of model boating for awhile. Family and business (I’m a commercial fisherman by trade) took charge of my world. They are still in charge, but I’d like to get back into our hobby/sport and have some fun with you guys again. My first projects will be new molds for the S/B one design class. I will also be doing some vintage stuff with our buddy Earl Boebert and possibly some RG 65 items.

I have also been doing some sailing on full size 12 meters and I’ll be posting pictures as soon as Earl and co. get me checked in.

This looks like a cool place and I’m anxious to get to know some of you.


Welcome Scott,

Always great to have another builder in the group. Hope you see the light soon and get into IOMs. but welcome again anyway.

Thanks John, where would a good place be to start looking for IOM info?

Also I noticed in some other threads there was some interest in skipjacks. Although I don’t have an R/C version of one, I do have a full size one, the 70’ Lady Katie. If any one is interested in skipjacks, just let me know. Maybe there is some detail I can help you with.

I also have 5 EC-12s, a couple of Vics, an A-boat, a Shamrock J-boat, and a Madcap Marblehead.


Just to whet your appetite in IOMs.

US IOM forum and some links at


Link to lots of great IOM photos from the 2010 European Championship


Link to great photos of the US 2010 national Championship




Thanks John - those are great photos. The IOM looks interesting. I ‘ve thinking about a 50’’ J-boat with Yankee being the first subject.