Herreshoff- fan from germany

hello together,

my name is gerhard and i live in recklinghausen/ germany, a town 15 km northwestern of dortmund, the winner of the soccer leauge this year.

i am interested in everything which has to do with captn. nat herreshoff, especially the ac- boats he had designed.

i am planing to build a RELIANCE in 1:15 for rc- sailing.

hope to get some infos here, will also visit bristol, mystic seaport and the MIT this year.


You must be a man of impeccable taste - Herreshoff designed some of the most beautiful yachts. You may be interested in checking out the work of William Fife and my personal favourite, Alfred Mylne.
Building ‘Reliance’ at 1:15 is going to result in a huge model & by the time the overhangs of the bowsprit and main boom are added in she’ll have an overall length that’s greater than some dinghies!! Good luck with the build & I sincerely hope you’ll be allowing us to follow your progress.



Hi Gerhard,
as Row says, it will be a huge boat !!!
According to my readings : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reliance_(yacht)
Reliance is 61 meters long overall ! you may come up with 4 meters long model ! are you sure ?

This are the found data scaled to 1/15 :
L.O.A.: 43.79 m…/15 = 2.91m
L.W.L.: 27.32 m…/15 = 1.82m
Beam: 7.88 m…/15 = 52.5cm
Draft: 5.96 m…/15 = 39.7cm
Displacement: 175 tons…/15x15x15 = 51.8kg !!!
Sail Area: 1501.26 m2.
Mast height: 31.98 m. …/15 = 2.13m
Topmast: 14.78 m.
Boom: 34.89 m.
Bowsprit: 9.14 m.

Some years ago I started building the Tuiga from W.Fife, is not yet finish being too busy with plenty of other models.
See some pics

Hello Row and Claudio,

Be sure that i know of which size this modell will be.

But to build a scale- model of this monster without changing the lines…?
I well know, that this Herreshoff- Design is very extreme, but this is the reason why i intend to build this model.
I am looking for details and further infos since 2010 and i think this will be a project for about 3 or 4 years.

I hope my english is not going to bore you!



So Gerhard you are confirming the intention to build a 3meters long hull and with 51kg of displacement.
A 30kg boy could almost get on board
Big adventure then, I wish you good work and a lot of pleasure !


Hope this forum will live as long as it will last to build the giant.