Henry Felix - an update

While not rigidly Footy, this update is relevant to footydom and fairly closely related:D

Most people who took part at Birkenhead will have seen Harry sculling and sailing around the lake - his boat was too wide to fit the box, otherwise he might have taken part.

picture from the race report - possibly by AndyT?

Well, since then Harry has refined his sailing rig, fitted a deeper keel with weight and best of all discovered a British Seagull outboard in a the back of a boatshed.

(harry is currently staying with me)

Andrew - yes it was I
Lovely to see that Harry is trying to keep up with technology

Indeed, Andy - he has reached the white-hot cutting edge of a British Seagull!

On Discworld they would say he was dragged kicking and screaming into the Century of the Fruitbat


You should name the boat Colour of Magic in his honour, especially as the DVD came out yesterday.
I take it you were at Shaftsbury Avenue yesterday to get your copy singed with a burning ember