Help with the Micro Magic

I have begun assembling the Micro Magic (MM) and have run into a problem. I am missing parts! I didn’t bother to verify that the kit was complete (last time I do that) before I started work on it.

For those with the MM, I am missing part no.

(42) aluminum tube sleeve. part that is glued to hole where rudder pushrod exits deck

(59) joiner, aluminum tube. the short reinforcing tube that strengthens the mast near the spreaders.

i am sure i can get these parts at the local hobby store but the measurements are throwing me off. what does this mean:

6/5 0 (<-- it’s a zero with a / through it) X 40
now i am guessing that the 40 is length in mm, but what is the 6/5 and the funny zero with the slash? diameter?

other than that so far so good. Wis, if you are reading this, thank you for the antenna pictures. Do you know of any MM forums in english? The language translator on my end needs work ! :slight_smile:

Good Sailing to All,


This funny 0 with a slash means diameter. If you have a tube you need both diameters inside and outside. I am not familiar with the MM, but I am pretty sure that it means 6mm outer diameter and 5mm inner diameter. x 40 means by 40 mm. This is the length, indeed.

regards from Germany

Sorry…no idea about an English MM forum, but the German forum, Eric, the admin CAN speak perfect English…go ahead and ask him, he will help you for sure!

For the missing parts, call the shop where you bought it
Good luck


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Hi sdswabbie,

the parts #42 and #59 are no extra parts in the kit. You have to cut them from the long alu-tubes which you use for the mast and the booms, they are long enough.

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