Help with Puma (JIF 2?)

Hi everyone,

Just got myself an almost ready to sail Puma from the UK (I believe it is the
British version of the JIF 2)

However the supplied mast is extra long and i have a few doubts regarding it:

  1. Is there a specified length for the mast or should it just be a bit longer
    than the main sail after allowing for the mounting of the boom vang?

  2. Where about in the mast does one attach the side stays?
    (what percent from the top or bottom of the mast?)

  3. The same for the attachment point for the jib stay

  4. What should the length of the servo arm be?
    Just clearing from the side of the boat?

Any help or even pictures would be most appreciated

Thanks in advance

Mast height is one of the few specified limits under the rules. Its maximum height above the sheer (hull-deck join) line is 1100 mm including crane.
A sail plan is included in the drawings on which should answer some of your other questions (see the pdf file called “Velero” in particular). With an arm servo, you’ll probably have to double haul the sheets in any case and 10 cm should be the longest arm you need.