help with multihul plans


I searched a lot over net for multihull plans(at first for catamarans) i found out that GHOST TRAIN is pretty good.
If i understand correctly trimarans are more stable than catamarans so i decided to go with trimaran.

But every where i look i found dead links for GHOST TRAIN.

Could anyone advise me good plan for trimarans(i read that ghost train have some problems with nose diving) in 1,2m size i believe it is mini40 class?
Is there any sketches for sail sizes?

I previously build IOM Vanquish and rg65 viperfish so i have some experience in building hulls.

I found some plans for water resist on the left side there are rar files which provide sail plans and boat but i dont understand there are some diferent shapes with markings C5 and C9.

I am gonna lurk some more for ghost train plans…is there any beter plan/design?


The BMMA, the British Model Multihull Association, is a good source for Cat and Tri stuff. You can also go to Siri’s site, You should shoot an email to Dick Lemke’s mail box here on Dick is the US guru for multihull affairs, he would know where to find Ghost Train plans or others that might be more current.

I have the original dwg’s for ghost train and it’s rigs. I’ve been unable to host them on the BMMA website but if you pm me an email address I can send them over…

Here is my e-mail (remove NOSPAM).

Could anyone tell swing or normal style of sails?

Original plans were standard rig with 3 or 4 sizes for wind conditions Suggestion - Consider a download of plans from the RCsails site (free) as the floats have much more floatation/buoyancy compared to original GHOST TRAIN design - I think it’s the “NIGHTMARE” plans.


Thnx for ghost train plans…

There are two nightmare plans Nightmare MKVII and Nightmare MKVIII i gues the latest is better. (on ribs there are two lines i guess the inner is reduction for planking with balsa).

Is there any plan or smth for nightmare sails(in this department i have problems) like it is on ghost train plans(where is sketch of all attachments).

No real reason why you couldn’t base the sail plan on the ghost train drawings. I think the nightmare plans call for the rig further aft than the train though.

Also, layout of hardware is entirely up to you, again you could base the layout on ghost train…

Hi Unicorn,
the sail plans for the Nightmares are in the MKVII zip file, you should download this plan too.


Hi Phanchita - and all the other multihull-freaks,

I think we should point out here that Ian Holt has the mastbase on his carbon/epoxy “Nightmare Mk.VIII” at 60cm from the stern - the “original” mastposition, while you - and also others - have it at only 50-52 cm from the stern.

I´m still not sure what is better in the end.

Ian at Perth/Australia is sailing in strong winds and mainly choppy water,
using asymetric foils in the floats and a T-foil on/below the rudder.
And no centerboard in the mainhull.
Hence his upwind performance decreases,
but he´s foiling like hell:

Having the mastbase at 50-52 cm from the stern,
neither foils in floats nor T-foil on rudder are really necessary -…-
Think about that.
A lot less water resistance because of less wetted surface therefore and of course upwind performance increases then,
but on a broad reach/downwind you´ll gotta be (a bit) more careful.

Conclusion(s) from my point of view:
If youll up to racing on a triangular race course, "our" setup appears better regarding overall performance, but for fun purposes Ians setup may be better.

Let´s just look forward how Chris - with his new fibreglass/epoxy “Nightmare Mk.VIII” - competes in the German Multihull Event(s) this year!

But as we are dealing with relatively “new” ideas and concepts regarding rc-sailing,
I suggest not to stick too much with “traditional” setups, relations/proportions and equipment

Just my 5 cents

Oh yeah, by the way - happy sailing to all of you!

I will question in points cause i think it is easier to answer and less chance for confusion.
So for mkvIII i can adopt:
1.fin and rudder position and shape from nightmare mkvII?
2. mast position and angle which is acording to mkvII plans 60cm from back(migh make another mount point at 50-52cm)so i can play a litlle bit?

Where on floats should i attach side shroud lines if i go standard rig route(in mkvII is plan for swingrig).

I look mkvIII plans and on shadows of ribs there are two lines i think the inner one is offset for planking with 3mm balsa plank and the outer one for glass over foam tehnique?

I know there are some dumb questions but i like to know few things first before i fall into building.

Now get goin´, buddy! :wink:

Ugh i forgot about fin…than i rather make another center hull for different positions than making one heavy.
If i understand you correct on first page for racing you suggest mast 50cm from stern and for fun 60cm?
In both cases do i use the same space betwen mast and fin.

Ernst are there any cad drawings awailable?

I will probably dig into this in summertime there is few stuf in my shop laying around which needs to be done…

So get your “other stuff” done before! :rolleyes:

Cad drawings:
You allready got all stuff I have myself - except experience.
Get goin!