Help with "Bob About" rigging


Have built my first footy (Bob About) and am at rigging stage but the plans are not detailed enough can you help please?

  1. What is the purpose of the “mainsheet post & forespar”

  2. The plan mentions a “locating pin” on the forespar, where does it “locate”?

  3. From the plan it seems that the forespar & Jib boom are tied together, the jib could not move very far … more info P l e a s e !

  4. The main sheet is offset and leaves the hull on one side, why?

  5. Again what is the purpose of the mainsheet post, why not attached direct to main boom as in full size yachts?

Thanks for your help I am a bit isolated here in Thailand.


Gidday Mike,

Thailand you lucky bugger, I had 5 year work assignment there and loved every minute of it.

I’m picking not many of the footy guys are reading the intro section, suggest you post your question on this site here

Might wish to read the threads there first as there seems to be tons of info.

Cheers Alan

Thanks Alan, Have made new post.

Am in North of Thai and plenty of water here at the moment for sailing … too much for some of the locals.