HELP,want to buy cat or trimaran yacht !!

hi guys,
im glen from Australia.
on you tube ive seen some awsome trimaran qulity yachts.
can some one please help advise me where i can buy a quality trimaran or cataraman please ??
who makes them??,how much?? e.c.t
iv searched on the internet every where and all i could come up with is a fidji or a wild /fast cat rc models!!
iv seen the awsome nice doug lord micro f3 but he isnt making any more till end of year.
so which is better for speed and fun factor, a cat or a trimaran ??
can you reccomend any decent nice brand models or manufactures please??
hope to hear back from you guys

Sorry Glenn - but due to limited interest - there aren’t any “true” production multihulls other than those you noted.

There is possibility of a couple “semi-custom” multihulls being built and from the U.K. and/or France, but due to size, freight costs might be a problem.

You could try Alan Hayes in New Zealand as he had his Mini40 trimaran up for sail - but not sure if it breaks down for shipping - at least he is close by. Try here to contact him:

Do a search here in the “multihulls” section and look for a fellow by name of Andrew. He built his own, he’s from Australia, and he may have molds available to at least produce the hulls for you. The rest of the parts can be obtained via most local R/C shops … carbon tubes for mast, sails, and radio gear.

Not sure about the MicroSail foiler. Back in 2000 when Doug was promoting it - he was asking close to $3,000 (US) for it. I have to think it is more expensive today. As an FYI - don’t send money until he has boat done. Too many try to become “builders” and take money, then forget to build boat. His other F-48/Mini40’s never showed up - so suspect they never were really built. At the time, he was pushing multihulls with moving ballast, then foilers, then he was off into canting keel monohulls, and then skiffs and finally Moth class foilers - plus building his own “foiling” real boat - of which no one saw photos with it up on foils. Was a lot of talk and theory - but not much came out of his workshop. All I’m suggesting is to be careful. Another well known “builder” (???) was Ernst Zeamann (also called himself Idealist) who promoted imself as a builder but a few folks would disagree. He’s out of Austria. Again - be careful.

As for cost - if you are looking to purchase a ready-to-sail boat - consider a budget of perhaps $1500- $1800.

Hi Glen,
I’m in Brissy and have just finished a 1.5m Tri. I’ve vacuum moulded the hulls and had the first test sail in the weekend, in about 5 or so knots the tri really got up and flew. I’m looking a making several if anyone is interested to try and get a bit of a one design class happening. If you’re interested I will post some pics in the next few day’s. It is a big boat but I have made the beams and hulls with bolt on flanges so it can be fully dismantled to fit in a car…

Hey Dave - please keep us posted via this forum. I am usually getting questions about boats already built and would be happy to reference people to you as a potential source - but you do your own thing. I’m just the traffic cop - pointing the way.

Thanks, Dick

PM Me if you wish.

Hi Dave, Well done on your initiative with the trimaran.

My question, (without trying to come across as a prick, is, ) why try to foster yet another one design class and not build to an existing class and so have a bigger potential market as well as existing designs with which to compare yours?

You may already know that there are classes for multis of "one metre " "One point two " two and three metres " all sailing in various parts of the world.
The bigger the better as far as ease of sailing goes, while the larger craft become a bit of a challenge to transport.

Anyway best wishes for your endeavour and keep us posted here if you will. Cheers.

Here’s a pic of theTri on the water in about 5 -8 knots…

Here’s another Pic of the Tri after some more development. I’m currently building a second boat to improve on the construction/weight of the first a tweaking the foils a little more. Making moulds for the cross beams so their weight will be reduced for the same stiffness…
Will hopefully have the new boat sailing by early January 09…

Dave that looks good… how does it perform? but the big question is… did you have fun… i know I design my own boats and people can say what ever. but i do have fun
so bravo :zbeer: and well done. keep dick informed . he can help alot
as for different classes… we cvan say that about all the classes. why do we need a us 1 meter? when we have the IOM. or why do we need a seawind class. when we have the victoria and soling classes?
simple. those classes appeal to something in that person. as for the multi hull class. dick may know more about this. and i dont want to step on toes. but I can see alot of fun in that class but nothing has drawn me into it? if you know what i mean. maybe i will look at this one. and say. yeah. i can get one cheap. and it is easy to drive. and maybe fun to drive

Dick remains quiet on the topic/subject.


hi there guys,
hope you all had a great x-mas.
im still around fellas and keen.
thanks for your replies and chat r.e my thread/post!!
sorry iv had log in problems and computer problems & had to sign up with a user name.
im still keen on buying a trimaran !!!
dave,( dark horse) thanks for your nice pics of your tri,nice,looks great.
iv sent you pm and email r.e it!!
im interested in buying one of you if possible??
hope to hear from you soon
email is
0405 801 586

It really seems to be a “worldwide” problem, to find and buy a kit or a complete rc-multihull model.
Would anybody be so kind to explain to me why this is the case?

It doesn´t look logical to me - makes really no sense at all!
If there is a demand, somebody should be willing to make a business out of it.
Or is this (currently) impossible? - Why?
And if there would be no demand, why are still so many people continuosly interested in that topic?

Am I thinking wrong here in any way?

A few reasons and a personal opinion:

Cost to build
Marginal interest/demand
Freight costs for boat size if pre-built
Lack of racing interest (in general)
Cost of completed boat

Most folks want to pay as little as possible and don’t want to spend time building - just buy it today and sail it tomorrow. A few have tried the production route and most of them spent many dollars in time and tooling costs with little selling taking place after they were done. Of the number of people who have jumped into the topic here and elsewhere, my guess is that only a few percent have gone on to build and sail a boat. On a different forum, one young fellow indicated he could build a multihull in 70 hours. That was nearly a year ago and he’s never been heard of since then.

You will find (I have since 1999) there are a lot who talk, but only a few who do.

Finally to supply a boat in kit form takes more resources than just building a complete boat and selling it when done. No emails or phone calls for questions, no one breaking something and wanting a free replacement, bad press if someone doesn’t like something specific, and as noted, with exception of France (the hotbed) very little organized racing taking place anywhere. Add in that most monohull sailor think we are a “strange bunch” and they also have an issue in admitting lead bottomed boats are slow in comparison (size for size) to a non-lead multihull.

I agree with Dick…
I am in the process of building a second of my 1.5m Tri’s and making big improvements on the first.
The time it takes to make moulds and get it all working is huge, I have been working on this Trimaran Design/Development now for just on a year and think I’m very close to a good result.
Having said that, The nature of fast light models mean that they have to be really well set up and sailed to get the most out of them and not end up in a pitch-pole.
I crew on a full size (30 ft) Tri and it has helped me understand and figure out way’s of making these fast models a bit easier to sail.
By the end of Feb (all going well) I should have my “final” Tri sailing and will keep ya’s posted.
Can’t wait as I believe I;ve dropped the overall weight from 6.5 kg to close to 4.5 kg.
As for making money from selling them. At best you could only hope to recover some of the initial tooling costs…
But I remain hopefull that I can have several of these Tri’s out sailing by the end of the year…

A Mini40 video + There will be an rc-multihullmeeting in Germany next summer!

This boat seems to be from Austria - and in a german forum I even found this:

Translated to English in another forum:

The newest Mini40 development from Austria - not from IDEALIST:

Hi Glen, I’ve posted some youtube clips of some boats built by one of my fellow Poms on another area of this forum, check out the ‘Trimaran Plans’ thread under 'General Discussions. The guy who built the boats does sell bare hull and crossbeam mouldings though, as pointed out previously, freight costs are likely to be the inhibiting factor.

If I can also add my penn’orth with respect to build difficulty and time; I’m in the process of building a 2 metre catamaran. I started building the plug around last April and I reckon I might just have the boat on the water around April/May this year. Having a day job is a real pain and, of course, at UK latitudes this time of year the days are short…



Heres something to check out.

You can see a build log here.

Hope this helps.


Hi Andrew (Trakka), thanks and welcome.

What’s your interest - are you into multihulls or just starting out?