Help: rudder, keel and connections

Hi all,

I’ve started building a footy over the summer and it is my first one. I chose to use the papaya III plans and I have already built the hull. I’m having a few difficulties and was wondering if anyone could help me…

  • First thing first, my footy takes water in when I put it in the water: is it normal? There’s no major leak but the inside was definitely wet when I took it out, especially along the parts where I used epoxy… And it wasnt in for a long time, just a few minutes…

  • Second thing, how would you advise to build the keel? I’ve heard of buying a fishing weight? I’m guessing you try and shape it, cut a slid into it and glue the wooden part of the keel into it? I’ve never worked with lead, how hard is it? What kind of protection do you need? gloves?

  • I have a servo mount in my footy, however it is a bit too high up. So when I connect the servo arm to the rudder, is goes above the deck of the boat. I think it was supposed so stay inside… Also I’m thinking of screwing in a servo arm on the rudder to connect it to the servo… Any other suggestions? I dont have a lot of spare parts.

Sorry for all those silly questions, this is my first footy! Please, help!